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This months Featured Author!

H. B. Marcus


ISBN  1-59129-054-6, 173 pages, 5.5 x 8.5

Charles Crisp travels the country eliminating enemy agents for national security. The only problem is that his victims are innocent people and hes insane. He further thinks that the killings are being blamed on some serial killer in the press. He makes the mistake of trying to kill two burnt-out morons named Spider and Smoky. He moves in with them and devotes every waking moment to their demise. He is so obsessed that they invade his dreams as well. Each attempt backfires and he soon finds that he is the victim. The injury and torture he endures shouldnt even happen to a serial killer. This is a roller coaster ride of laughs as you enjoy the insanity from the point of view of the mad killer. Before long the lines that define reality blur and you find yourself cheering for the maniacs and feeling sorry for the bloodthirsty murderer.


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