What is a Media Blitz

What is a Media Blitz?

What is a media blitz? It is mass media coverage by e-mail, with the intentions of starting a "domino effect." It is a Publicity Campaign to conjure public support. This is an easy way to contact many media sources across the country! The entire effort is "geared" towards obtaining attention towards your book or business!
Buzz needs an igniter--a circumstance, a surprise, a shortage, an inside scoop, a juicy tidbit, the right timing, a giveaway, even some ambiguity. The most celebrated igniter in our midst is Oprah, as both Texas cattle ranchers and booksellers can attest.

Buzz travels on the thrum of conversation; it's what large numbers of people can't stop talking about. More than anything else, word of mouth stokes buzz and keeps it alive. Like a faraway radio station, buzz can be faint and fuzzy and tricky to tune in. Ironically, that limitation only adds to its persuasive allure: the just-out-of-reach quality that characterizes buzz--especially incipient buzz, which requires that you chase the story--holds people in thrall.

The first place to start creating your Buzz is through the massive power of the media. A simple press release picked up by a larger newspaper or TV show can inform a sizable audience--second to none.

If your buzz is truly buzz, you can bet other media organizations will jump on your buzz.

It's easy to make yourself newsworthy.

News is anything that other people are interested in. And being newsworthy consists of letting editors and reporters know you're doing something of interest to other people-having an event; telling a story; creating or participating in any occurrence; supporting, opposing, or even merely observing a trend or activity. Editors and producers have the tremendous challenge of coming up with new stories to fill their pages and air slots-day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. It isn't always easy to fill all that space. Therefore, you become their ally. Your achievements--along with your ability to publicize them properly and work cooperatively with media people--will cause local editors to welcome you with open arms. Not only will you have a very good shot at getting your press release printed (perhaps several times in different sections of the paper), but a reporter might even arrange a more in-depth story. And that is pure gold for you!

Who Says Money Isnt Everything?

Publicity is the most cost-effective marketing tool there is and its the only part of a marketing strategy that builds credibility. Many industries have innovative up-start companies that are relatively unknown. For these new companies to gain an edge over their competition, it is vital that they build credibility through publicity.

PR VS Advertising PR Builds Credibility and Wins Hands Down!

Advertising controls the message while PR does not, and because of this, PR creates credibility. Many times readers see an ad and they know that what they are reading is just overblown hype. Most readers are more likely to trust independent authorities such as reviewers, columnists, reporters or broadcasters. Without a doubt, it is these same authorities that are directly influenced by good public relations and specifically, a well-written press release.

A Media Blitz can distribute your press release to the targeted Channel(s) of your choice including top daily and national newspapers, top industry and segment publications, TV, Radio, and top online news sources.
How much traffic Can I expect from a Media Blitz?

K let's say 1,000 releases are sent out, @ least 150 of those might bounce back.... emails change quite frequently, so if you don't want 150 emails bouncing back into your inbox or feel overwhelmed by this, then I suggest you create a new one.

Remember they are using your email address, so all inquiries will return to you and NOT them! If you don't mind the email then read on : )

There is no set rule, and no way to accurately project this. This will be determined by the press publication, the publications audience, and how many publications pick up your story. However, if just one major newspaper or magazine picks it up, the potential audience that sees your story could be in the millions!
Can I send more than one Press Release?

Yes, take and save the finished copy, edit, and re-mail an unlimited number. Those you prefer or feel are better suited for you.

* Remember to keep track of all rejections, you dont want to contact those again and then be subjected to some nasty gram!

Follow up by phone a few days later (time-permitting) - and well ahead of the newspaper's deadline for running your information in time to promote your event. Say that you're calling to answer any questions they may have about the release. Stay helpful and polite at all times, even if the journalist is rude - and NEVER call at deadline time!

Do not call editors, publications, etc., on their 800 numbers. This includes calling to get the name and address of the appropriate editor as well as worthless follow up calls ("did you get my press release?"). Don't expect others to pick up the tab for your marketing costs.

To get the greatest results from your campaign, make calls to the journalists with the potential to disseminate your message to the greatest number of other media after putting out your advisory.

First, you draw the reporter's attention to your release out of a stack of hundreds. Second, you have the opportunity to clear up any confusion, generate interest through your own enthusiasm (but not hype!), impart new information not covered in the initial release, etc. And third, you're on your way to building a long-term relationship as a helpful source - and they may call you sometimes, when they need information in your field.

As you can see, it can take a lot of energy to build buzz. But by maximizing exposure you get in the media, you can save thousands of dollars on advertising costs -- and get your message across to legions of potential customers. And in a tough economy, that can mean the difference between thriving or merely surviving as an entrepreneur.
Happy writing!