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A gifted country lad finds himself headed towards a tragic destiny among the upper classes of 19th century London.
How he will get through this new challenge in his life, and win, is something that Jacques feels he cannot do on his own. But he is compelled to follow where his gift will lead him, to find out who he is.



Following his dream of sailing the Caribbean,
Duncan Fitzroy expected a storm or two, but
he didn't expect thugs with guns to be part of
the adventure. But then, neither did he expect
to end up with two lovers.   He's not your typical
action hero; he had no idea how to cope with thugs
-with guns.



Have you listened to your Pastor tell you that you will be taken
away, raptured up, or will escape any of the persecution that the
Bible tells us about in Revelation? Why is the Church Still Here?
is an in depth look at Revelation and the meaning of the many
prophecies in Revelation, and how they relate to us today.


Ancient records kept by Lan, the Prince of Atlantis, tell us a tale of beings from another universe whose struggles helped shape earths legends. Tashar: City Of Mystery (Book 1) starts this recollection by introducing our heroes: Dragon Wizard, Trax, Krena, V-bot, Ja Ti, The Twins (Lan & Tia), and Princess Celeste. We also meet their nemesis Dark Shadow. Whether you enjoy reading science fiction, fantasy, and/or young adult stories you will be tantalized by its magic, technological gizmos, action, and suspense.



A homemaker finds her life becoming a "living soap opera," and has to look to her faith to cope.


Infertility has robbed Emma Bronfman of her self-esteem, self-image and self-respect. She and her husband, Steve, have been trying desperately to have a baby for years with no luck.


Someday, shell be my girl. At the fifth grade honors program, three eleven-year-old boys are captivated by a brilliant little red-haired girl named Jeana Russell as she recites the poem she wrote, and each boy vows to win her heart. As they grow up on the Alabama Gulf Coast in the late seventies, one of the boys becomes Jeanas best friend, one breaks her heart, and one becomes the love of her life.


Charles Crisp travels the country eliminating enemy agents for national security. The only problem is that his victims are innocent people and hes insane. He further thinks that the killings are being blamed on some serial killer in the press. He makes the mistake of trying to kill two burnt-out morons named Spider and Smoky.
Kathy's mother suffered a stroke during a routine medical test. Kathy was frustrated in her search for answers about her mother's prognosis.


This is a true story of a mother and the death of her two daughters. Sheila, mother of two, was killed by a drunk driver. Sherri, mother of three, died of cervical cancer two and a half years later. Now the mother wonders how to survive with only four of her six children. The mind is a funny thing, and she thinks she is losing hers.
Consumed with grief over the death of her parents, Laurel Chandler relinquishes all responsibilities to her fiancÚ, only to realize that she is consumed by him. To escape, she flees to the small Louisiana town of Cocodrie. Implementing a program for special needs children at a local riding stable, Laurel is introduced to the son of the stable owners, T-Jack Lassiter, and to the legend of the Lost Fountain.


Emergence of Hope depicts the questionable psychic experience of Stacy Coombs, a typical teenager who resides in the suburb of Westfield, New Jersey. She has a series of dreams starring a stranger named Peter Jorgenson that reveal his escape from the crumbling World Trade Center on 9/11.


Set in a fictitious town on the plains, this novel has all the components of a simpler era town fairs, a Main Street restaurant, even a local gossip. But Platte Valley has a dark secret: the murder of a waitress fifteen years earlier.  


Former CIA agent Nick Seven gets pulled from his peaceful life on Key Largo to pursue a resurrected terrorist halfway around the world, only to find himself drawn into a web of espionage, murder, blackmail and high-level government corruption that threatens national security and the principles of freedom.

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