My Resume

To provide nursing services per nursing standards and policies and procedures to ensure quality of life for all patients.


I love to write, it's the fav of my hobbies...

I don't care how much talent you might have or how skillful you are at weaving words together, if you are lacking any passion, determination, or ethics, you're going to have a very difficult road to success.


The object of writting these movies in the beginning was to entertain myself and friends. Somehow it escalated, I've only listed a few.


Resurrection of The Digital Q (sci-fi/action -feature) was entered in the Project Greenlight contest... waay over budget!

The Fated Hour (drama/action -feature)

Solomons Seal (horror/supernatural -feature)

The Shadow Plan (sci-fi/suspense -feature)

Grim Justice (thriller/suspense -feature)

Silent Death and the Guardian Angel (drama -feature)

By Deadly Means (suspense/thriller -feature)

I'm presently working on a comedy, wish me luck!

The written word no matter what form it takes is always an influence on some young mind somewhere...  keep that in mind  :  )
At present only 1 poem entered in a contest :   An Author's Spell  
It has won me a nomination for Poet 2002 and the Editor's Choice award.
But have a book load and too many to list  :  )