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So you want a Celebrity to read your work?

Well see what Celebs like to read.
For inspirational readers, you may want to contact any of the following: 
 Phyllis Diller, Michael York, and Betty White
They also write articles!
For crime solving, mystery and suspense, you may want to contact the following:
      Mel Gibson, Vanilla Ice
In The BBC--

Nicole Appleton

"I read Misery and it really took me somewhere else, a lot further than the film and it was quite a scary book. The characters were a lot more real in the book than they were in the movie. It was very exciting, its very chilling, and its a bit off the wall. Its a bit mad to see how people can react to somebody who they admire and thats kind of what freaked me out a bit."

Phill Jupitus

"Theres a real simple beauty to the language in Winnie-the-Pooh. Its a touchstone you return to in your own life. You see yourself at certain stages in your life empathising with all these characters, you have Winnie-the-Pooh days where youre happy being a bit stupid, you have Eeyore days where youre really steeped in misery. You have Christopher Robin days where youre telling people stuff and youre quite informed..."


Barry Norman

"The Pickwick Papers is quite simply, a work of genius written by a very young man and that is actually, one of the great things about the book - it's got all the energy and vivacity and cheek and confidence of youth but, allied with that, is the genius of this man Dickens."


Tony Parsons

"You dont have to grow up in Alabama, in the depression to identify with the childhood of Scout and her brother Jem in To Kill a Mockingbird. I think anybody who was ever a child, anybody that was ever a small boy or a small girl, can see echoes of their own childhood in there."

Angela Rippon

"Obviously the mark of any good book is not just to have great characters but to have a narrative that carries you along. Youre not necessarily looking for Pulitzer prize winning writing, youre looking for writing that is engaging, that tells a story, that is descriptive and helps you to make the pictures in your head and a good writer, a good story teller can always do that. And thats what JK Rowling manages to do with Harry Potter."

Ian Hislop

"I love AG Macdonell's book. Its very comforting. Whenever I think this country is completely bonkers I go back and read it and think - its always been like that. The book always makes me feel both the nostalgia for the past and a realisation that it hasnt changed much. So perhaps Ive got nothing to feel nostalgic about."

George Melly's

"Kingsley Amis's "Lucky Jim" is a masterpiece, taking the piss out of university life, out of academia and all its pretensions... An author, to appeal to me, has to have two things. He has to have imagination and he has to have skill, its no good reading clumsily however sharp your imagination is, so it really is a combination of art and technique."

Sophie Dahl

"Quentin Blake who collaborated with my grandfather, Roald Dahl, based the drawings of Sophie on how I looked when I was five. I did have these enormous rather unattractive glasses and I always had kind of incredibly bad haircuts and I had this long straggly hair with a kind of bad fringe and the giant in the "BFG" looked somewhat like my grandfather."




Getting a celebrity to help out your cause can be a daunting task, however if you can succeed in doing so, it will be worth all the effort and the rewards can be amazing.



Here are a few things to remember when writing to any celebrity):




Be Polite

Always be polite when requesting an autograph or anything else, whether in person or in writing


Be Original

When writing a letter you should try to be original. Using a form letter will read like an autograph hound's request for money.


Make It Personal (for Them and for You)

Tell the celebrity what you admire about him/her. If you can't give them a few compliments you shouldn't be writing to them. This lets the celebrity know that you are not simply an autograph hound and are a legitimate fan. Site their performances, personal encounters, or mention things they have said in interviews.


Be Positive

Nobody likes to read negative reviews of themselves, especially when you want something in return. Compliment the celebrity enough to let them know you appreciate their work.


Get To The Point

Your letter should never be longer than a page. Celebrities receive tons of mail everyday and don't have time to read 20 page letters.


Ask A Question

It is often a good idea to include a question in your letter. Some celebrities will write a personal note or letter in reply to your questions.


Keep it Neat & Clean

It's up to you whether you hand-write your letter or type it. Handwriting may be more personal, but if your handwriting is terrible then you should highly consider typing the letter. If you are helping your children write the letter, make sure they write it. Some celebrities enjoy children's letters the most b/c they are cute, personal and original.


Use Common Sense

It's a good idea to write your address at the bottom of the letter and/or back.


Be Patient

Keep in mind that you may never receive a reply, or your reply may take months to arrive. These are very busy people who do not stay in one place or work on one project for very long. Some celebrities get thousands of letters everyday and can't possibly reply to them all in a month. Wait a few months before sending a second request. More than 2 letters a year is simply desperate.


Don't Be Pushy or Annoying

Never send registered mail, which requires a signature from the recipient and extra costs to you, in order to obtain a signature. Keep in mind that some celebrities have proxies pick up their mail (even if you have their home address) and legal agents who can sign for them. Some celebrities know this, and will start to return mail unopened.


Remember Your Goal

Thank the celebrity and.. have fun!



Flattery is not productive and usually self-defeating - respect, honesty and sincerity are your best friends and most potent weapons. Respect the celebrity as a person and a professional and definitely respect their time, even if it simply reading your letter. That's why you keep it precise and concise.




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