Services we offer

We hope to bring you as many services as possible at a low cost!
We especially understand the difficulty for new writers attempting to showcase their work at the very best quality possible, having been there at one point.


** Again we gratefully accept books from authors in all formats, but prefer printed copies.


If you would like your work reviewed and details posted on the site, as well as online bookstores then please follow the instructions below for mailing address.


Please send email detailing a little about the book, author, title. If a reviewer selects your book, we will then respond with contact details.


We review published and forthcoming works -accept all types: Children's Book, Fiction, General, Literature, Non-Fiction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Serials, Young Adult/Children's, Thriller/Suspense, Writing, promotion & publishing, Comics, Adventure, Books From Small Presses, etc. (except porn)

All reviews are published on this WebSite, a copy is sent to your Publisher, Book Muse, New Book Reviews, as well as online stores.


Debut authors welcome




Any items sent to us are not returnable. If a positive review cannot be obtained, we will contact participant. Betsies Literary Page Editors Decisions are final.



If you'd like to become a reviewer please click on the contact me button on your left.

Press Release Distribution
For a one time fee of $50.00 we will edit, format, and send your press release to target media. Newspapers, radio stations, magazines, television shows, etc.

Press Releases
If you don't know how to write up a press release, supply us with the info needed and we can do that too. Just click on the link above to query.

We have an exceptional freelance Illustrator on board now! But don't take my word for it click on home then scroll down to my latest book to see the cover.
$1000 = 2 different front cover drafts (if desired by writer), and a final illustration of the decided upon draft, on cd - ready for publisher. (with or without front cover text)

Exception = If an extremely low-detail cover illustration is desired by writer, negotiation is likely. Please c
ontact for Info:

Here's another talented and very reasonable illustrator, Keith Rupel. Contact him with your ideas, he's more than willing to work out details.
I'll have his email soon.

Need help editing your manuscript before sending to the publisher?
For proofreading only:
short stories 3000 words or less - $50
over 3000 words - $100
manuscripts 200 pages or less - $150
201-500 pages - $300
additional $75 for every 100 pages over 500
For proofreading plus editorial changes/suggestions:
short stories 3000 words or less - $150
over 3000 words - $200
under 200 pages - $350
201-500 pages - $650
additional $150 for every 100 pages over 500

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