About Me

So we finally meet !

A native of Tampico, Mexico I arrived within this vast melting pot with my parents. I come from a large family who loves animals and life itself. Having lived in the U.S., as well as several places overseas. After serving in the Navy I began a new life within the medical field. I have enjoyed my work as a nurse for the past 6 years and currently work through a nursing agency. Presently live in the quiet suburbs of the city of St. Louis, Mo. I enjoy writing stories, mainly for pleasure. As they can take my imagination beyond the daily routines of living, but then again my imagination tends to flow within events of the past and into what could become a reality tomorrow. Drawing and computers are my favorites past times whether for web design or just plain fun! And I enjoy chatting online with friends from around the world, when time is available.

My personal history:
I grew up partly in the U.S. and partly in native land of Mexico.
I attended schools in Mexico, Chicago, Houston, Hawaii, and St. Louis.
The various places I've lived... Iwakuni, Japan - Santa Rosa/San Diego, California, Houston, Texas - New London, Conneticut - Pompano Beach, Florida - Chicago, Ill. -  Honolulu, Hi. - Cherry Point, NC. - St. Louis, Mo. - Beeville, TX. - Orlando, Fl.- Meridian, Ms
Places of brief stops....  Agana, Guam - Okinawa - Anchorage, Alaska - LA - Seattle, WA. - San Antonio, Tx. - hmmm too many places  : )


Taking a break from work

Get a job!

Yep... this is me in the flesh!   Hard to believe, huh?


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Amores Perros...  great action and story structure... a must see!  (In spanish but does have subtitles although you may not need them.)
The Others... was way better than the sixth sense and gave me a good surprise!
The Watcher... surprisingly enough Keanu Reeves can act! Good flick.
I'll add some more fav's as I go.

Here's a list of some of my favorite music artists:

Shania Twain
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Son by Four
Alejandro Fernandez

Activities and Hobbies:
I enjoy the company of my pets, its almost like watching the three stooges --- in real time LOL
Raising funds for a good cause is always worthwhile.
Doodling, a past time to keep my active imagination from being bored !!