Squeaky Squirrel

Delightful and Entertaining


Squeaky Squirrel
By Susan k. Droney
Illustrated by Gail Balga
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Price: $4.95 download / $9.95 CD

Rating: Highly Recommended


This is a wonderful childrens tale about a little squirrel named Squeaky whos older brother Sam leaves home to start a family of his own. This causes Squeaky to reflect that Sam is only a year older than him and that he may have to leave the nest soon too.

Squeaky is very self-conscious about his voice, although he likes the new squirrel at his school, Sally. Until a chance meeting causes them to become fast friends, when he realizes she likes him for who he is.

Author S. Droney teaches children through this story not to rely on peer opinions and to like yourself for who you are, regardless of what you think your shortcomings may be. It also teaches children that change isnt always bad and can be a good thing.

The illustrator did a fine job in bringing the story to life with very colorful, and vivid pictures. Whether being read to by a parent or reading alone, children of all ages would benefit from this delightful tale.


Reviewed by Betsie


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