Under the Melting Pot


Title:  Under the Melting Pot
Author: Tyrone Banks
Format: Softcover
Price:  19.95
Reviewer: Betsie
Highly Recommended
A Must Read for any Poetry Lover!
Literatures greatest features are the ability for an author to record emotional conflict and its subsequent resolution, to understand the differences between nations, regions and cultures and, at the same time, to grasp the essential unity of humankind then transfer those experiences to the reader. Using one of the oldest forms of poetry "haiku," Tyrone Banks has done so within the pages of "Under the Melting Pot."
Readers gain introspection into their own lives with very short and concise passages that are packed with the marvels of feeling expressed through the wonders of words.


Outstanding Flow, Vivid, and Well Written. The author successfully renders images of nature and humanity, which raise questions and reveal strikingly fresh perspectives. Deeply felt emotions and a sense of discovery are readily conveyed.


"Under the Melting Pot," is absolutely thought provoking, expressive, and insightful. Author, Tyrone Banks delivers a vivid portrait of a family, and romantic tale woven into an ever changing society.

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