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Polar Slumber/Sueno Polar
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Title: Polar Slumber/Sueno Polar

Written and illustrated by

Dennis Rockhill

Translated by Eida de la Vega

Publisher: Raventree Press (June 2004)

Genre: Children's Bilingual Text


ISBN 0972497315 

Hardcover; 32pp


Rating: Highly Recommended


March 23, 2004

This story is about a child and her toy polar bear taking an adventure in a winter wonderland. You will begin to see how comforting and fun a toy could be to the child and it plays a special part of her life and her dreams.


Every time you read the story you'll have a different version from the last time you read it and your children's version won't be the same as yours. Pictures in which youll have to use your imagination to tell the story tell the text. This is a wonderful idea in teaching a child to work on their own not to be told every detail, this is one they'll have to figure out for themselves. There is no wrong way to tell a story.


At the end of the story there is an English to Spanish version of the author's story. It is recommended that you have the child go through the illustrations before reading the story.


These beautiful illustrations make it easy to come up with plenty of stories and being this vivid and detailed, every child is sure to fall in love with this book. The illustrations are so good; they should be on someone's walls!


Children and adults will like this book.



Reviewed by Demetria Harris