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Advice to Authors
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Having trouble getting noticed?
Well no one said it was going to be easy!
But don't fret. Here's some simple steps to follow, guaranteed to increase your visibilty and attract attention!




Map out all bookstores within 20, 50, even 100 miles of where you live. Call and see who has local or regional authors section. Most do. See if they'll buy a few copies. See if they'll schedule a book signing. If they do, you have to advertise it, but some newspapers and radio stations do these as free public service announcements.






Send press releases to every newspaper in your state and the state where your book is set. Also look for local radio stations that will interview you.






Walk into any bookstore, log onto any e-publisher site, or visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Guess what you'll see? A whole lot of books. If one of them happens to be yours, how will people notice it?


There are print reviews and there are electronic reviews. As a writer, you want to be reviewed as much as possible.



When you are marketing, don't think like a writer. Think like a reader. Of course you can think like another person... that's part of what makes you a great writer.



Hope this small piece of advice will help you get going and maybe I'll read about you in the paper!