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About Me
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Betsie is a nickname I acquired as a child from friends of my parents, although I was born the 6th child of 11, as Maria in Mexico's largest fishing port, Tampico.
I grew up with traditional bedtime tales that my grandmother and mother made up as they went on. They ranged from sweet fantasies to down right horror stories that my grandmother used to usher everyone to bed. As a teen I spent a lot of time daydreaming and writing poetry during classes, which got me into much trouble. Spending an enormous amount of time in detention and even then I sat and doodled.
Our parents, as most only wanted the best. So they shuffled us back and forth from the U.S. and Mexico, ensuring culture remained a big part of our lives. After graduating from High School, I did a four year stint in the U.S. Navy. Working within the aviation field (ground support).
In college, majoring in computer science. Still this kid wasn't satisfied. I detoured into the medical field an acquired an Associates Degree in nursing. It was during a required English class, that an abandoned gift would resurface.
The instructor brought several essays to my attention and commented that I should get them published. "Who in the world would read this garbage?" I thought. But, alas the passion for the written word took over and soon I was on my way into the publishing world.
Since 1997 I have written 6 books, 3 published. 26 screenplay's, and who knows how many poems, some which have won me awards.
I found that no matter what the style, if it's writing, I'm there!
I've quoted on countless occassions "writing is an addiction." I work to buy ink, paper, and a new printer when the old one wears out. And trust me since then I've gone through 4 printers!
I've met some wonderful people not only in the publishing world, but within television, and film production. The journey has been well worth the time and effort. And it is my hope that any information I post on this site will help others reach their goals.
Wishing you reach that shinning star, keep writing   ^_^