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Counting Coconuts/Contando cocos
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Title: Counting Coconuts/Contando cocos

Author: Wendi Silvano

Illustrated by Marty Granius

Translated by Eida de la Vega

Publisher: Raventree Press (June 2004)

Genre: Children's Bilingual (English-Spanish)

ISBN 097201926X

Reading Level: Ages 4-8

Hardcover; 32pp


Rating: Highly Recommended


March 23, 2004

A monkey in the rainforest receives too much advice on how to count his coconuts.


Monkey has worked very hard to collect his coconuts and as he is counting them by ones, other animals in the forest tells him it is easier to count by twos, and after he sorts them into twos, and starts to count them another animal tells him it easier and faster to count in threes. Monkey keeps getting interrupted with all this great advice it seems to take him longer to count his coconuts.


This story shows the reader that although there is more than one way to do things, you must choose one way and follow through and trying to accomplish something faster is not necessarily better.


The story is also educational because it gives some info on counting patterns seen with grouping numbers and multiplication.


These fun illustrations go well with the story.


The text itself is written in English but the book does contain a bilingual Glossary for numbers.


I enjoyed this funny tale and definitely recommend it to all parents and teachers.



Reviewed by Demetria Harris