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Comporting Roadwise
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           An emotional roller coaster!

Title: Comporting Roadwise

Author: Rom Tom

Publisher: Medicine Bow Gallery (February 2004)

Genre: Autobiography

ISBN:  0975334107




Rating: Highly Recommended


March 8, 2004


The year 1968, an era of napalm pouring from helicopters over jungle villages. Childhood dreams scarred, political upheaval, hippie communes, bikers, drugs and sit-downs.


By 1969 burning up his draft card, Rom Tom became an anti-war activist, and a homeless vagabond wanted by the FBI. Only after ingesting half belladonna pod and two years later did the FBI catch up to him. Imprisoned, the author reveals his torturous stay in shocking detail, and much of what readers' will find disturbing.


It was 1975, and dues were paid when Rom Tom met his soul mate. A beautiful French- Canadian 16 year-old, named Owl. Love blossomed. But their journey of gypsy bliss quickly turned into turmoil, with one incident after another. Ultimately, and tragically leading to the loss of their children.


Comporting Roadwise is not just about events through time; it's also about one man's love for life, and his family. In a sense, a touching love story. Readers heart will surely feel for this struggling family, who desperately tries to hang on.


This reviewer did not experience the 60's, but reading about it was an eye opening experience, as readers will quickly find out. It's hard to imagine one keeping track of a single year in life, but a lifetime of data? Comporting Roadwise is well written, with amazing detail, and also a compelling story of inspiration.


The only drawback this reviewer could find is sitting at the computer, although the digital web format is an impressive 3D effect, and beautiful full color illustrations add depth to this amazing book. Still this reviewer prefers the old way, of curling up with a good book.


For a flashback into the past and more, this is one book readers should not miss!

Reviewed by Betsie


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