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Hate Keeps Me Warm
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           To speak with stormy truth

Title: Hate Keeps Me Warm

Author: Ty Swartz

Publisher: Publish America, Inc.; (April 2004)

Genre: Poetry

ISBN: 1413716296

Paperback; 111pp



Rating: Highly Recommended


March 07, 2004


"Hate Keeps Me Warm," is a collection of poems, especially descriptive of the turbulence experienced in the author's relationships. Feelings carried as luggage into adulthood! A child left behind, alone and haunted, a life marked by upheaval, abuse, obstacles, and tragedy with one more dream turned to stone.


Although, Ty Swartz turned his hate into positive manifestation - Poetry - presenting a new dimension of language and reflection, with a contemplative tempo.


The poems are direct, and play very nicely to the anger stage, a sharp weapon for inflicting the stings of his wrath. Excellent images painted by words and emotions give insight into the people being described.


Swartz voices a lot of the things people can feel, written with such wicked wit. An intense and noble impulse style immediately makes you stop, catch your breath, and "feel" the thoughts he imparts. We find in Swartz's poetry a strong passion, combined with a bold and active imagination.


Overall, Swartz's collection of poems, are a little darker, and much more raw than my usual - I liked them! I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys poetry, especially to those who still have pent up anger, it may prove to be very therapeutic and realize they aren't alone.

Reviewed by Betsie

This book is only available through PublishAmerica, at the moment

An Interview with Ty Swartz




What is your background? 


I grew up in a small farming town in Ohio realizing that staying in this town after High School would, for me leave me spinning in circles. Instead of going to College, I decided to see the world and joined the Navy. As a Photographer seeing and documenting the world was an experience, only the Navy could give me. I discovered that experience was not enough I had to get my college degree so I started attending school at Old Dominion University in Virginia. After one school year, I change career paths in the Navy attending Journalism and Broadcasting school. After transferring to a combat unit I continued my education at Southern Illinois University where at graduated with a degree in Workforce, Education and Development.  Not only do I want to learn I want to teach others.



What is your writing routine?


I would not say I have a regular routine when it comes to writing. I sort of wait until I have something to say and try to write it down before I forget the feeling.



Do you outline the plot or just wing it?


I made three attempts to write Hate Keeps Me Warm. I tried to tell my story of abuse and insecurity in a novel form but after reading it decided no one else should read it because it was so horrible. I then attempted writing my story in a series of short stories; again, I did not feel that it conveyed the passion of how I felt. I gave up writing anything until I came to work in Hollywood where everyone is working on a script it seems so I to joined the crowd. I have a great opening act that tells the story of a tormented little boy who just does not understand the world around him.  In three years that all I have.  I see my children for three months out of the summer and picking them up and returning them is such a turbulent time, since my ex-wife likes to cause hate and discontent I left Greenville in a fowl mood. It was only then all the powerful images and emotions of my childhood and marriage came rushing out. This book was actually writing on a notepad in the eight-hour return flight to Los Angeles.  



What was your first book and how long before it was published?


Hate Keeps Me Warm is my first book. I wrote it August 19 and sent it to seven publishers by the end of the month I had five offers to publish. I chose Publish America because they seemed genuinely interested in what I wrote. The book is available now at Publish America but official release date isnt until April 23, 2004. 



How do you do research?


I guess the research for this book unfortunately was having a horrible childhood and marrying a woman with extremely low self-esteem at a young age.  I always thought of myself as a fixer what I did not understand was that I had to fix myself before I could fix others. Hate Keeps Me Warm is the start of exposing raw up emotions and the start to fixing me as a person.



When you think about this book's readership, who do you imagine it will be?


I think the readership for this book is anyone hurt by parents or someone they trusted. Almost everyone has these raw emotions but would never say them aloud.  When I wrote this book, I was screaming on the inside and wanted these feelings out and away. Every time I let a friend or colleague read Hate Keeps Me Warm, they come back telling me that certain poems are how they feel. I know that not every poem will apply but everyone will relate to at least one of the poems.



Who are your favorite authors?


I am a huge Stephen King and Clive Barker fan. I love the way they tell a detailed story. I also like the way H. G. Wells used his imagination to tell futuristic stories. I never liked reading poetry, which is odd since I wrote a book of poems.



Your favorite character in literature?


I would have to say that either Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn both was always into something and they reminded me of me.  Searching for a part of life that was missing wanting normality in world of kais.



What was your most exciting "almost" success?


I talked to an Executive at a television studio about an idea I had for a television series. He really liked the idea and wanted me to go with it. I decided instead to leave Los Angeles and continue with a Navy career instead of working in the Television business. I honestly think that at this time our country needs people who will dedicate themselves to protecting our freedoms. Besides of all the military services the Navy is by far the best. They let you be yourself and think, I don't find that true in the other branches. Besides if it was a good idea when I retire from the Navy I can always return to Los Angeles and make another pitch.



What music do you play in the car?


Like TV, I am a channel surfer. I listen to talk radio, flip it to Country, then to Top 40, and then NPR. I hate commercials and refuse to pay for XM satellite radio.



What is your next book?


I already completed my next book it is called Warmth Comes from Within its by far not as edgy but still walks the emotional sleeve.  I'm also writing Yes, My World Does Revolve Around Me (A guide to dating for the single guy), I wanted to write a book about how guys think when it comes to dating minus the politically correctness you see constantly.

Betsie's Literary Page appreciate Mr. Swartz taking the time to do this interview and wishes him all the best with all future works.