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The Passion of The Christ
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      Absolutely Inspiring!

(5 stars)

This year's most controversial film and certainly not the typical biblical type created by Hollywood and that which we grew up with.


The MPAA's R rating due to the film's violence makes me wonder. Exactly what do people consider violent? There was no outcry upon the Exorcist's release. Or how about the Hell Raiser series, Nightmare on Elm Street, or even Friday the 13th? There are a number of films out there with much more violent content, yet are somehow deemed acceptable.


Many - like some Norman Rockwell painting, losing the original passion, have portrayed the Crucifixion of Christ as decorative. Becoming nearly bloodless with no evidence of real emotion or pain.


This film is not about blame! Here there is no anti-Semitism, as feared. Prejudice can only exist where the seed has already been planted.


Fact is that Christ's last 12 hours leading up to the crucifixion on Good Friday were undoubtedly brutal, bloody and hard to face. Gibson's "The Passion of The Christ" restores this important dimension.


Granted, continually striking one on the head with a reed, the harsh thud of nails driven through wood and flesh, the moaning of the dying, the periodic insults, the mockery of his enemies, the few gasping words of Jesus himself are absolutely sounds not pleasant to the human ear.


But is reality according to the scriptures.


Still some have been able to visualize this harsh reality in some form or another, while others may not be able to swallow such unpleasant events.


The message here is clear. Remember Christ, who was willing to make us a gift of His life. He gave His breath. He was not concerned for himself. He was the perfection of selflessness. His joy was the Father's glory, and the saving of others. That he too was confronted with all the trials, temptations, difficulties and weaknesses to which we are submitted. But He overcame each one of them. He used the power, which God had given to Him and was victorious. He resolved to follow a line of action without wavering.

Gibson's powerful scenes have positively opened many an eye, as well as reawakened spirituality.