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Sparkling Together
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     Sweet and endearing

Title: Sparkling Together

Author: Jyoti Ma

Illustrator: Chandra Devi

Publisher: Integral Yoga Publications (May 2004)

Genre: Juvenile Fiction

ISBN: 0932040543

Paperback; 92pp



Rating: Recommended


February 28, 2004


In this whimsical tale, Rose and Sky Heart are taken by surprise one fall afternoon when a spaceship lands in a nearby open field. An earth-like boy emerges from the ship introducing himself as, Starbright of Planet Om. Instantly a bond of friendship is formed.


The adventures of Starbright, and his earthling friends explore many issues and challenges children face today, which make this book intelligent and thought provoking, as well as an instrumental teaching tool for children.


Author Jyoti Ma, also sets forth a universal ethic. This universal ethic is selfless love, and its immediate manifestation in the family and compassion for all living things. One inherent in our universe that moves into form, is multiplied, and changes the world.


With its social overtones, readers of all ages will enjoy these well written, entertaining, and quirky tales. Eye catching, colorful illustrations also help bring these adventures and characters to life appealing to the imagination of young and old alike.


I recommend this delightful book as a bedtime story to kindle the spirit of goodness within ones heart or for parent and child as a way to stay connected.

Reviewed by Betsie



For more information on the author, you can also visit http://www.yogahealthbooks.com