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   A Magazine that raises Awareness!

Title: Revolve

Publisher: Nelson Bibles (July 2003)

ISBN: 0-7180-0358-6

Genre: Inspirational

Reading level: Young Adult

Paperback: 384 pages


Rating: Highly Recommended


February 22, 2004


Revolve is a powerfully inspiring magazine. I chose to review this magazine with the understanding that its target audience was teen girls. However, I discovered that not only does it thoroughly discuss issues, which concern teen girls, but also crosses cultural boundaries. Revolve provides data on world issues, community services, family problems, it teaches self-reflection and ultimately helps to center life around God.


This refreshing magazine accomplishes all of the above in brilliant format. Each book of the New Testament is divided into sections and questionnaires that when answered truthfully, reveal characteristics about one self and relationships. Uplifting suggestions for change are also provided.


Revolve has caused self-improvement in this reviewer. Reawakening my spirituality, to focus on doing something to help others, by donating time to clothe/feed the hungry and help the elderly. Moreover it has inspired me to reflect on my relationship with God, and how and what I must do to fulfill God's purpose for me.


Like the Bible itself, the Books of the New Testament in Revolve are like Daily Bread for the Spirit. Revolve is a great teaching tool for not only teens girls, but women as well.


I plan to use Revolve as a consortium. Much like the blank pages provided in the magazine for reflection. Reviewing this magazine has left me with blank areas waiting to be filled spiritually. I look forward to the next magazine, and pray that I use Revolve, as wisely as it has been written.
Reviewed by Juanita Reynolds