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From the Agency with Love
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 Impressive... Better than any Bond movie!

Title: From the Agency with Love

Author: John Drake-Moore

Publisher: Synergy Books (April 2004)

ISBN: 0974764426

Hardcover; 345pp



Rating: Highly Recommended


The overall structure of From the Agency with Love is pure excitement. Driving at a moderate pace, mixing adventure and sexual tension.


Author John Drake-Moore offers a novel of international intrigue, and hard-boiled as befitting a spy story. Thus the intensity can wax and wane.


On the high-sea of conspiracy readers will meet many a mysterious character, to name a few: Miss Sheperton, a nurse who secretly works for the bureau. Jonathan Stuyvesant-Smith, cunning, "well-kept" man with many secrets. His wife Madge Steinway who after a tragic accident wheelchair bound. Kimber, who hails from Haiti and Jonathan's portly old butler. A trans-sexual hooker named April Shower, who meets an under-cover operator codenamed Marvel, not what he appears to be, and together they weave their way through danger.


Poetic, and beautifully written, the story opens to a humorous gossiping conversation between a group of women on the isle of Capri. But trekking through fashionable hotels and isle's, life for these socialites quickly turns to murder, rapidly descending into the world of international espionage and greed.


Pick a page, any page, and you'll find trust and betrayal is gracefully woven together with other, more delicate threads. Instantly youll be submerged in a delightfully intelligent and engaging page-turner. It is completely enthralling.


While this story is entirely fictional, nevertheless, From the Agency with Love highlights the very real dangers lurking. Such as, the rising importance of security issues, warning signs regarding the risk of conflict and misuse of power. Readers are shown that one should be less complacent and trusting of its government, for all is not what it seems. The backdrop of the book and they are well conveyed.


The author demonstrates a nuance understanding of the current events shaping today's world. He also acknowledges that actions have long-term consequences. The timing of this book is rather appropriate here in the U.S., at a moment when government officials are attempting to abrogate rights.


If you enjoy a great spy novel, this book is for you guaranteed, this is one you will not put down until you reach the end!

Besides an intriguing family tree, Award- winning author John Drake-Moore is also known for many other works.


For more information or to pre-order your copy visit his web site:

go here

An Interview with John Drake-Moore



How long have you been in Lugano, Switzerland?


I have had a pied--terre in Lugano for many years.



But you're originally from North Carolina, right?





Why did you want to create a book around terrorism, and espionage?


I like to write about what I know.



Imagination doesn't seem to be a problem for you.


I grew up in a closet.



Your books are clearly fiction, but you focus so closely within the minds of your characters.


As a child with no playmates, I was obliged to create them in my head.



What impressed me about From the Agency with Love was the continuous motion that keeps it going, the momentum. Though obviously you didn't write it in a sitting, the whole novel is one extended conversation.


Which is one of the kindest considerations I can imagine Thank you.



When you're writing a story, do you distance yourself from works that have touched upon similar themes?


I have always gone my own way no matter what.



Which is more difficult to write - Fiction or nonfiction and why?


Fiction and nonfiction are as intertwined as a braid of hair.



What is the hardest part about being a writer?


Living with oneself after the days work is over.



Do you have any hobbies? What are they? How do they enhance your writing?


My principal hobby is daydreaming and drinking whiskey both are essential.



Whats the best part of being a writer?


Realizing you can transfer your genes without the help of another human being.



When you think about this book's readership, who do you imagine it will be?


Hopefully they will be persons of wit and a certain level of conspiracy.



Are you working on something now?


I am correcting the proofs of a manuscript a non fiction(?) Novel dealing with the deportation of the Jews from the Roman Ghetto in 1943.


Betsie's Literary Page would like to thank Mr. Drake-Moore for his time and this interview.