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Typhoon Rising
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Espionage On the High Seas!!

Title: Typhoon Rising

Author: David M. Dibble

ISBN: 0974579009

Publisher: Asgard Publishing Company (Nov 2003)

Paperback; 250pp



Rating: Highly Recommended


This novel depicts the journey of a Naval Intelligence Officer, John Blake on a mission to locate two stolen American Mark-48 homing torpedoes. To accomplish this task John attracts the attention and aide of Japanese Secret Service Director, Yoshiro Takagawa.


John receives Takagawa's assistance only after proving himself worthy by surviving a few "life or death" tests. John and Takagawa devise a plan in which John must impersonate ceramics expert, George Franklin, gaining him access to one of the top "godfather's" of the Asian crime syndicates.


Throughout his mission, beautiful and mysterious women surround John. He is being trained to play the role of Dr. Franklin by Riko and Kiko, employees of Takagawa, and his daughter, Kalani.


Once John penetrates the Yakuza and Oyabun syndicates, there is sexy Cheri, Tomoji Sato's secretary. Cheri is trapped and cannot get out of Sato's grasp and attempts to solicit John's aide by befriending him. Then there is Dr. Katsuro who could possibly blow John's cover before he can foil Sato's plot to hold the world hostage in exchange for billions of dollars!


Author David M. Dibble, uses catchy and intriguing subtitles for each chapter. This exotic, action filled, spy thriller is chuck-full of suspense and surprises. Bonus features between the covers of Typhoon Rising are extortion, murder, romance, deceit, culture, and possibly insanity.


On a personal note: I don't like war stories of any kind, but I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this "007" thriller.