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The Winds of Fortune
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Stormy romance on the bay!

Title: The Winds of Fortune

Author: Janet Flickinger-Bonarski
Publisher: 45th Parallel Publishing Co.
(June 2003)

Genre: Historical Fiction

Paperback: 320pp




Winds of Fortune, a novel about 19th century Fayette, Michigan is filled with a number of interesting characters. Carrie Gray is a lonely widow who falls for a schooner captain, Drew McGeary after being of some assistance to the captain during a rainstorm.


Carrie is the independent owner of a stone mining quarry, who is being wooed by Henry LaTermine. Henry is the manager of the general store who for reasons known only to himself lets Carrie know that the captain is a man of questionable character.


The authors story unfolds like a soap opera. There is murder, adultery, deceit, greed, jealousy, kidnapping, as well as regret, despair, and forgiveness. The characters range from a mysterious brothel madam named Phoeny to a bible toting hellion named Bertha, just to name a few.


I highly recommend this whirlwind tale filled with fortune for some, and misfortune for others. Not only is the novel a great read, but also the descriptive details used to bring the bluff area and its characters to life.

To learn more about the author, read excerpt, or order your very own copy, please visit:

Janet Flickinger-Bonarski