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The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses
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Having owned and managed a few small businesses over the last 20 years, I found this book an excellent tool for understanding the marketing function.

Title: The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses

Author: Jay B. Lipe

ISBN: 0972034501

Publisher: Chammerson Press

Genre: Business Management

Published: Aug. 2002

Paperback 254pp



Highly Recommended


The book develops the marketing process in a simple, easy to understand methodology.  Starting with a basic discussion of the marketing function, identifying the needs for the company and finally developing a meaningful plan. Unlike books that present page after page of marketing theory, The Marketing Toolkit presents easy to understand text with useful forms and exercises all through the book. There are chapters dedicated to the subjects of identifying your market, marketing strategies, marketing tactics, budgets, implementation and tracking.


While my interests are the small owner managed business, the book presents a wide view of marketing that can be applied to any size business. For the new small business, there are discussions of "So, Exactly What Is Marketing" and "Six Reasons Every Company Needs a Marketing Plan" to issues like "The Key To Branding Your Company" for larger or more established organizations. This book addresses the time-tested processes very well, but also addresses the current issues. The use of the Internet and Websites as marketing tools are included as part of a complete plan. For those who have been through a recession, there is an important chapter on how to market in that business environment.


The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses is well written with good worksheets to aid in the development of a meaningful plan. It provides the tools to manage the plan and evaluate and revise it over time. I would highly recommend this book for marketing managers and small business owners.


To learn more about Jay B.Lipe and the Marketing Toolkit, please visit his website at:

Emerge Marketing