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Ways To Stay Miserable: Politics of melancholy versus happiness
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        Life or something like it.

Ways To Stay Miserable: Politics of melancholy versus happiness

by Roma Desai

Publisher: PublishAmerica (November 2004)

Genre: Inspirational/ Self Help

ISBN: 1413745377

Paperback: 50 pages



Rating: Recommended


September 29, 2005


No, this isn’t the movie although far better. Using simple terminology the author expresses that which we have all experienced at some point in life. That life in a fallen world is disappointing and sometimes brutal.


“It is ever so easy to stay miserable while the happiness swirls around at the rim.”


Roma Desai’s book focuses on how the body works and interacts with the soul, such as: our desires, thoughts, and feelings. Although we are not mere byproducts of our environment, it is evident that external forces do influence the areas in which we struggle. That by drowning in these morbid thoughts can lead to depression, and no one is safe from being affected.


Desai demonstrates her wisdom on how to stay or become free from melancholy, by essentially recognizing such symptoms and thought then taking action. In general, gaining some optimism, having a clear viewpoint will aid in overcoming these feelings. Remember – you are not alone in your troubles, and the best way to start is to try and share the load with somebody.


“Ways To Stay Miserable” is absolutely inspirational, and would certainly make a good tool for therapists caring for patients suffering from depression or anyone who is in need of a slight push in the right direction.


Reviewed by Betsie

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