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Forever: A Godyssey Adventure
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   A View of the Afterlife That You Will Never Forget!

Forever: A Godyssey Adventure

Author: J.D. Howes

Publisher:  Xlibris Corporation (December 2001)

GenreInspirational Fiction

ISBN:  1401030688

Hardcover: 544 pages



Rating: Highly Recommended


September 27, 2005


Forever is a unique first-person story about Jack Davis, a man who has been killed by agents from Hellunder only to be allowed to carry out a very dangerous mission in his afterlife. His mission is to save his son Gordon from a cruel fate at the hands of the evil Dark Prince of Hellunder.


The story begins ironically as Jack dies in a tragic automobile accident.  His guardian angel, Benjamin, laments the loss of his charge but is advised of the mission that he and Jack are to undertake.  As this odd-couple transition towards the battle with the Dark Prince, the adventures that they share will leave you gasping for breath, laughing or crying.  Benjamin is given a companion in Jack that allows him to recount hundreds of years of his work as a guardian angel.


Without giving away too much of the story, I will say this; the battle scene between Jack and Satan in the form of the High Prince is amazing.  You separate the physical differences these two life forms exist in and you can see the inner workings of a higher struggle. Even as Jack was being pummeled by the Dark Prince and seconds away from defeat he calls on the Great Prince of Heavenland for strength and guidance.  At that very moment, the battlefield began to shift in the favor of righteousness.  But believe me, there is so much more to this amazing battle scene and so many more vivid images that come to life and cause you to react as if you are there.


You can sense the essence of the internal struggle that we face every day personified by the two combatants engaged in a never-ending war.  The Dark Prince utilizes your own fears first and foremost and works towards your inner fears, doubts and misgivings.  At one point, as the Great Prince shielded Jack from what would have been a death blow, the Dark Prince again went after Gordon he used Jack’s compassion as a powerful weapon and ended up face first in a pile of trash for his efforts.


There are so many more stories to tell and memories to share with in regards to this rich and powerful book, which has been forged by faith.  These stories will cause you to reflect on your own day-to-day struggles to do what is right and defeat what is wrong. J.D. Howes has weaved a remarkable tale that can be enjoyed by young readers, who will learn a valuable lesson in this entertaining story.  Forever: A Godyssey Adventure will also be enjoyed by those who understand the spiritual message already but just want to be entertained by a fulfilling story told in a unique way that will make you Pray for a sequel.


Reviewed by Tyrone V. Banks

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