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    An exceptional medical thriller!


by John Benedict

Publisher: Sterlinghouse Publisher (July 2005)

Genre: Fiction/ Thriller

ISBN: 1563153556

Paperback: 216 pages



Rating: Highly Recommended


September 24, 2005


Under anesthesia, Mr. Rakovic is prepped for an arthroscopy of his right knee when he unexpectedly develops a lethal heart rhythm. For an hour two excellent anesthesiologist’s frantically work to reverse the arrhythmia, as the electrically charged paddles heaved his body off the stainless steel table and filled the room with a pungent odor. Ultimately, their efforts fail and Mrs. Rakovic is given the mournful news.


This powerful entrance will immediately pull readers in and continues from there on out, as a corporate meeting ensues, placing employees of Keystone Anesthesia on edge while Our Lady of Mercy Hospital debates whether to merge with General and somewhere around the corner a possible takeover by Pinnacle Anesthesia looms. Intensely riveting, the action continues to climb and it doesn’t take long for patients at Mercy Hospital’s operating room to start dying unexpectedly!


Adrenaline is well written and an exceptional medical thriller that gives realistic insight into the lives of medical professionals. Dialogue flows smoothly with excitement, making it quite hard to put the book down.

Benedict has done an outstanding job at creating scenes, as well as characters, using every detail no matter how miniscule to evoke clear images and emotional response from readers, thus allowing us to really care about what happens to these characters.


Reviewed by Betsie

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