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The Marriage Bargain
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   Saucy Romance!

The Marriage Bargain

By Diane Perkins

Publisher: Warner Forever (October 2005)

Genre: Fiction/ Romance

ISBN: 0446614386

Paperback: 336 pages



Rating: Highly Recommended


September 23, 2005


Seventeen-year-old Emma Chambers and former soldier, Spencer Keenan, have struck a marriage agreement. Marriage to Spencer is not what Emma thought it would be, as the he proceeds to leave her in exchange for an adventurous lifestyle. For three long years Emma is forced to maintain the Keenan estate, on her own, and by any means.


Years later, in London Spencer is accused of card cheating by a young gambler named, Esmund. Spencer reveals no fear of death although he doesn’t want to settle the dispute with an illegal duel or cause harm to the young Esmund.


Spencer fires, purposely missing. But a terrified and trembling Esmund aims, hitting Spencer directly in the chest. Childhood friends, Blake and Wolfe, whisk the body back to his estate for burial. Emma demands to see the body before it is buried. The coffin is opened and everyone is blown away when Spencer reaches out, grabbing Emma, gasping for water.


Emma is determined not to let her feelings of despise intervene in caring for her husband over the following days. Spencer begins to feel remorse and love for his exquisite bride, as he tries desperately to overcome guilt and neglect, regaining her love. Emma wants nothing more to do with him, other than a baby as promised, and is determined to make him keep his part of their marriage bargain.
The Marriage Bargain is a terrific romance novel filled with an extremely rich cast of characters, suspense, excellent plot and a roller coaster of emotions that will keep readers attention from beginning to end!


Reviewed by Betsie

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