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Rituals of the Season
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Murder and mayhem, can wedding bells ring?

Rituals of the Season

by Margaret Maron

Publisher: Mysterious Press (August 2005)

Genre: Fiction/ Mystery

ISBN: 0892968095



Rating: Recommended


September 20, 2005


It’s December 10, Christmas is just around the corner and ADA Tracy Johnson, and her three-year-old adopted daughter Mei travel along a North Carolina Interstate, homebound, when Tracy is shot in the head. Her vehicle runs off the road, and overturns into an overpass. Adding to the tragedy a heavy Christmas gift strikes and kills Mei in the backseat.


Judge Deborah Knott is preparing to marry Sheriff’s Deputy Dwight Bryant in two weeks Deborah knew Tracy as a one-time opponent. Tracy a prosecutor and Deborah a defense attorney. The murder casts a shadow over the upcoming festivities.


Tracy at the time was investigating the murder of Roy Hurst. Roy's stepmother, Martha Hurst, is on death row, sentenced to die within a month. Martha claims innocence, while two young adults try to scrape up evidence to set her free.


For Deborah and Dwight, embroiling in a homicide investigation is an unwelcome diversion, although the need in finding the killer and bringing justice takes center stage as they toil to reveal the motives behind the murder and solve the mystery.


A genealogy chart is included at the beginning of the book, so if you haven’t read any of the preceding novels like me, you won’t be lost or confused as there are so many characters and can be a bit overwhelming.


Just when you think you’ve figured out whodunit, readers will be pleased of a quick twist near the end of the book. Rituals of the Season contains an often times bizarre cast of characters and enough southern charm sure to please mystery fans everywhere!


Reviewed by Betsie

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