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Out of Mind
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Staying in control and out of danger!

Out of Mind by Catherine Sampson
Publisher: Mysterious Press (August 2005)
Genre: Crime/Mystery
ISBN: 0892968141
Paperback: 320 pages
Also available in Hardcover & Audio Cassette

Rating: Highly Recommended

September 15, 2005


Robin Ballantyne is the single mother of twins and a TV documentary maker who has recently returned to work. She convinces her bosses to let her film a series about missing people. A project that will attempt the reconstruction of vanished lives when a daring and reckless camerawoman named Melanie Jacobs suddenly vanishes without a trace from HazPrep, a military training camp for journalists, and a private security operation just outside of London. Melanie’s mother approaches Ballantyne with a request to help uncover the truth regarding her daughter's mysterious disappearance. Ballantyne in turn promises her co-workers distraught mother that she will investigate.

But when she begins asking questions, Ballantyne heads directly into the depths of a dangerous and conspiratorial world as conflict rises with a group of army veterans, as well as with her boyfriend, DCI Tom Finney. Ballantyne's employer, "The Corporation," does nothing to support her, instead an executive requests she back off and drop Melanie from the series altogether. Melanie’s boyfriend, Fred, confesses there were problems in their relationship.

Persistence will reveal that the last person to have seen Melanie alive is ex-special forces soldier turned mercenary, Mike Darling who is clearing up land mines in the killing fields of Cambodia. Darling is hesitant to speak of Jacobs despite a rumored relationship. A landmine explodes, sending Ballantyne home before she can dredge up more. But when Darling’s own child is abducted Ballantyne suspects there is a connection between the two disappearances.

Author Catherine Sampson also brings to light how journalist risk their lives to obtain news-breaking stories. The devious plot in Out of Mind twists and turns to an explosive end that is sure keep readers glued to their seats!

Reviewed by Betsie

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