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Behind the Red Door
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Suspenseful and Intriguing!

Behind the Red Door by Barbara Watkins
Publisher: PublishAmerica (June 2005)
Genre: Fiction/Paranormal
ISBN: 1413788386
Paperback: 65 pages

Rating: Highly Recommended

September 12, 2005


Most woman dream of a decent sort of life. One fullfilled by children, a good husband, and possibly a career. Nikkie is one of those fortunate enough to obtain these treasures. But there's something else...

Imagine that the only connection to your oldest child is through a series of terrorizing nightmares, which your spouse attributes to an overactive imagination and stress.

For Nikkie the nightmares would soon become reality, as her son Michael begins to speak of eerie, yet familiar imaginary friends. Alarmed, the distraught Nikkie calls upon her own mother whom reveals the family secret. That of a power which has been inherited. This becomes both a terrifying and consoling burden to Nikkie as she battles to make sense of the portents that her dreams are revealing.

The writing style is quite raw although very entertaining and fast paced. My only two wishes were that there had been more interactions between the characters and the book bigger.

Author Barbara Watkins shows great promise in this genre and is certainly a writer to keep an eye on. Behind the Red Door is a suspenseful read with a unique twist at the end... definitely worth picking up!

Reviewed by Betsie

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