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Royal Koi and Kindred Spirits
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Delightful and Moving!

Royal Koi and Kindred Spirits by Richard M. Wainwright
Illustrated by: Becky Haletky
Publisher: Family Life Publishing (October 2005)
Genre: Children's Fiction
ISBN: 1928976026
Hardcover: 57 pages

Rating: Highly Recommended

September 10, 2005


Tamiko Takeda and her parents leave their homeland of Japan to Greenville, Virginia where Mr. Takeda has agreed to spend several years in the U.S. assisting his biggest customer Joe Cooper improve his business of raising quality Koi.

Tamiko enrolls and begins High School and on her first day she learns of a missing classmate named, Sergio, as well as his illness- Hodgekins Lymphoma. Upon his return to class Sergio valiantly shares his experiences with the class, in hopes of answering their questions and dismising fears.

Several days later it's Tamiko's time to shine as she gives a presentation on Koi. Nervous, with broken English and all Tamiko comes out on top, ending with an open invitation for the entire class and their families to gather at the Takeda home.

Royal Koi and Kindred Spirits is not just great reading material. It's a learning experience on many levels and a fantastic teaching tool for anyone interested in the Far East, raising Koi, the value of communities, social differences, history, faith and friendship. There is so much a reader can take away from this exceptionally well-written book.

On a personal level Royal Koi and Kindred Spirits brought back fond memories of the 5 years I spent in Japan, as well as the loss of 2 brothers to cancer and I was easily able to relate with Tamiko as she entered this new strange world for the first time.

This is truly one book you'll want to share with family and friends - excellent job and many thanks Mr. Wainwright!

Reviewed by Betsie

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