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The Hero Perseus
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Greek Mythology for the 21st Century!

The Hero Perseus by Robyn DiTocco
Publisher: Brainstorm Publications, Inc. (September 2002)
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 0972342915
Paperback; 225 Pages

Rating: Highly Recommended

August 23, 2005


The Hero Perseus is one of the best pieces of modern day Mythology that I've read to date!! PJ Allen and his recently widowed mother have relocated from New Jersey to what most would call the boonies, to start their new life. PJ arrives and tries to fit in to his new situation and new group of friends. To add to his new lifestyle, he is also sought out by Hermes, the messenger of the gods, and assigned a monumental task to simply save the world.

In his dreams he travels off to Ancient Greece to recreate the deeds of his ancestor the original Perseus. As seen in Clash of the Titans from the early 80s, he has to acquire winged sandals, the god Hades helmet of invisibility, Athena's mirrored shield and a sword from Hermes, as well as a special sack into which Medusa's head must be placed. In this excellent tale, once Medusa's head is removed, her son; Pegasus the winged horse would be released so that he may transport lightening bolts to Zeus so that rain could return to the planet that is suffering from a relentless drought.

When he awakens a new type of drama unfolds as two beautiful women Andy, the tomboy and Jana the popular cheerleader keep him occupied. Andy is interested in PJ while PJ is interested in Jana. Throughout this book there are several similarities between Perseus and PJ as well as other characters that are very entertaining to discover. In example; Perseus is the son of Danae and Zeus whereas PJ (Percy) is the son of Dana and Zack. These facts along with other subtle hints given along the way uncover several similarities and factoids that entertain and educate.

A lot of his own godlike qualities are revealed as he witnesses and ultimately assists in the battle between the Titans lead by Cronos and the gods lead by his brother Zeus. Some of these qualities spill over into his human life as he is gifted with certain abilities as he negotiates the football field at lightening speed to lead his team to victory.

The Hero Perseus is entertaining from cover to cover! I've always been interested in Greek Mythology and this book will satisfy that craving for a piece of Mythology with the hint of a mystery. I recommend this book for Adult and Young Adult reading. You'll enjoy this masterpiece and pray for the sequel!!

Reviewed by Tyrone V. Banks

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