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The Cave
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 Rating: 2 Stars

Here's the gist of it:

Some thirty years ago, vandals went looking to raid a church of valuables somehwere in the mountain region of Romania. A cave that is purported to hold ancient secrets. Instead, they find a large hole, which they fall through. Then part of the mountain collapses, landing on the church and subsequently buries them alive. Fast forward to present day: a group of scientists have uncovered the entrance to the cave. But they need professional help. They bring in divers/climbers and athletic types, all young and attractive (well nothing wrong with that). Then they all go into the hole. Once they go in far enough, there's another collapse of rock and rubble, they're trapped. To add to the suspense.... there are strange "mutated" creatures in the cave with them... a convenient parasite that's just been discovered.

That's it! The entire movie! Guess what happens next? You got it....

The cons of this film:

  1. It's predictable
  2. It's not scary
  3. There's no profanity (highly unlikely when a gigantic bat is coming at you)
  4. Dim lighting leaves viewers in total darkness
  5. Missing plot (actually missing movie)
  6. It's not original
I think I have readers who could have done a better job!