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Regular Lu

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                 The Grass is NOT Always Greener…

Title: Regular Lu
Author: Robin Nelson
Publisher: Absey & Company (June 2005)
Genre: Children’s Fiction
ISBN Number: 1888842466
Hardcover: 32 pages
Rating: Highly Recommended

July 25, 2005


Robin Nelson’s “Regular Lu” is destined to become a favorite amongst children and adults alike. Lu is a small mouse who feels that his small stature forces him to be an outsider and often ignored. He dreams of becoming a King and ruler of a kingdom in which he is the most important and rarely ignored. He garbs himself in the robes of royalty and wears a crown, etc…everything is going his way, until reality sets in.

The larger members of the kingdom go to him with various complaints as if he was a genie as opposed to a simple ruler. The requests range from a Dalmatian asking him to remove the spots from a cheetah because he has far too many to a snake asking for several things including more mice to eat (yikes!) and everything in between. His royal subjects become more aggressive and self-centered as they inundate him with requests.

Lu finally determines that being a small mouse or a “Regular Lu” is far better than being a king. He learns to accept the body and size that he has been given and again he is happy.

The message is simple and very important to today’s children. They always dream of being respected and famous however they are oblivious to the personal liberties that you inevitably lose in that state. The lesson is to accept who you are and be the best “Regular You” that you can be at all times.

Robin Nelson’s colorful hardcover book arrived wrapped securely in shrink-wrap. The illustrations are colorful and capable of captivating the eyes and imaginations of children and parents. The book shows quality through and through without taking away from the lesson that you will learn. I added this book to my 7 year olds summer reading list and I urge you to do the same. Read “Regular Lu” to/with your child today and utilize this book as a tool to teach one of many life lessons that we must teach our children to guide them towards their destiny.

Tyrone V. Banks

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