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Watch Your Back!
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Title: Watch Your Back!
Author: Donald Westlake

Publisher: Mysterious Press  (March 2006)

Genre: Crime /Fiction

ISBN: 0446617121

Paperback: 310 pages


Also available as Hardcover and Audiocassette


Rating: Highly Recommended


July 18, 2005


John Dortmunder leads his crew, a cast of fascinating corkscrewed burglars. Their plan: to rob the Manhattan penthouse of billionaire reprobate Preston Fareweather, which just happens to be filled with priceless art.


Arnie Albright, is a recovering obnoxious person and fence whose family has stepped in and sent him to Club Med in the hopes that he'd become a more likable person. While at Club Med, Arnie had met an ever more repugnant guy, Preston Fareweather. A self-righteous financier, Fareweather is in exile at the Club, hiding from his five irate ex-wives whom are seeking his fortune. Fareweather in an attempt to avoid U.S. process servers flees his luxury penthouse apartment on New York's Fifth Avenue.


While Dortmunder plans the robbery and tracks down Raphael Medrick, a failed manager of the O.J. Bar and Grill and a producer of dreadful music, Fareweather uses women and loiters on the beach.


Events unfold in a tantalizing sequence when Dortmunder and his crew gather at their usual place, the backroom of the O.J. Bar and Grill on Amsterdam Avenue. Although Dortmunder receives the shock of his life when he discovers that another bunch of dangerous thieves --- a New Jersey branch of the mob is planning on stealing everything from the bar and drive it out of business.


Before they can disengage Fareweather of his treasures, the O.J. Bar and Grill must be saved from the mob!


Author Donald Westlake has certainly turned the table on crime, thus the saying: crime doesn’t pay… well especially for John Dortmunder and his crew. “Watch Your Back!” will have readers rolling on the floor before they reach the end!


Reviewed by Betsie

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