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Amber Whitman
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Dance with me.


Come dance with me.

The water is fine.

However I prefer wine.

Escort ye gentlemen, your ladies fair.

Each quite delicate.

Some quite rare.

Twirl and courtesty around the room.

As the darkness slowly looms.

Let the wine flow like the water.

The moon casts a glow on the terrace beyond.

Warm summer breezes blow.

The night is young, so dance with me.




Homeless Hell

The elements are extreme.
The wind howls and the snow blows.
How can people be living on the streets?
They are in a homeless hell.

Lying and sleeping on vents for the warmth.
Frostbite taking grip on their fingers and toes.
One young girl carries twins in her womb.
Let this city make some room.
This will not go away and more people will come.
How many have to die, for one less tomb.
This is homeless hell.


Dealing With My Mother



I just can't wrap my head around the mentality of some people. I have two alcoholic parents. Well about two weeks ago, my mom phoned at 6:30 in the morning. She was crying. My mom does not cry. She had been drinking. I love my mother, but she is a demanding person. She wanted my fiancée to go to her apartment and buy her cigarettes. The time was 6:30a.m. Drunk or not, how can you call someone at that time? Not only that, but demand you buy them cigarettes. If you are so debilitated that you cannot get cigarettes, you should stop smoking. She had also called the police and had my father arrested.


After a brief conversation, she hung up. Then she phoned back in her usual slighted demeanor. My fiancée at this time was actually contemplating going over there. I told him, to stay put. No one should be subjected to that kind of craziness. I was through my teen years. The worst part was, that same day we had made plans to go to the Exhibition. I was upset by the whole situation. I had to put it out of my mind. Which I did. I was so tired the whole day; I really could not enjoy myself. I phoned her a couple days later. After all, I would feel bad if something happened to her.


She is still my mother. She was fine, or so I thought. I just phoned her this morning. It turns out, she had yet another stroke. She has already had a quite severe stroke and blockage, in her neck. This took an operation, which left her scarred. This is the second time she has been hospitalized and not told me. I am upset, that she did not call me.


Now after all this, she is contemplating letting my father back in. Is she suicidal? She could die, next time. How many strokes can one person have? The next one could be fatal. So what is more important? My father or her life? I know nothing will change. I can talk to her, but I don't think she listens. She never has. I just fear that one day, she will not recover from the abuse she puts herself through. I always thought my father was crazy, and he is. Now I see that my mother is too. Anyone with this kind of thinking would have to be. I have come to the conclusion, that this is how she wants her life to be. Neither of them makes any effort to change, and probably never will.


Perfect Planters



There is nothing like flowers to brighten a garden. With the variety available in your local garden store you are sure to find some interesting plants. Instead of rushing out and buying typical store bought planters, why not think outside the box. A good place to start may be in your own home. Check the basement for those treasured finds, like old baskets, boxes, tins and breadboxes. You can virtually use anything to display your potted flowers. Just make sure you have appropriate drainage, with some small stones in the bottom of the container.


Another place to find such treasures are local garage sales, fleas markets, church sales, thrift stores. Like they say, "One persons trash is another's treasure." Spring is the ideal time to scour these venues and look for that perfect planter to display in your yard. Many people also like to display such finds in their front entrance. Just think how beautiful a bunch of your favorite flowers could look in an unusual planter. Perhaps you could plant them in some old bake ware or a creamy enamel piece. Perhaps you will find a hue that would match the flowers you are planting for a more co-coordinated look. Maybe you are more inclined to find a rusted piece to add that flair of country chic.


Whatever your tastes may be from country to contemporary remember you don't have to spend a fortune to dress up your garden decor. Just start to visit those sales, and markets and little out of the way antique shops and you never know what treasures you could find.


Amber Whitman is 36 years old, and born March 1969.  She has a 13-year-old son and has been with her boyfriend for 12 years.  Amber enjoys the outdoors, writing, cooking, decorating, and reading.  She grew up in British Columbia till she was 16, in a small town called Qualicum Beach.  Amber has been writing since her youth.  She attended a convention winning medals for her poetry.  Amber has since written poetry, articles and short stories for various online sites such as Websters Dictionary and Allpoetry Magazine.  Amber has also won various Poetry and Editors Choice Awards.  Recently she published a collection of poetry.  Amber’s wish is to continue enlightening people with her works.  If you are interested in viewing more of her work, you can visit Amber Whitman’s personal website at http://homebody2001-ivil.tripod.com or you may visit her promotional book site at http://www.geocities.com/whitmansbooks

Amber Whitman

Toronto, Ontario