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Book Marketing from A to Z
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Somewhat lacking.

Title: Book Marketing from A to Z
Author: Francine Silverman

Publisher: Infinity Publishing (March 2005)

Genre: How To/Marketing

ISBN: 0741424312

Paperback: 402 pages



Rating: Recommended


June 30, 2005


Book Marketing From A-Z is filled with numerous concepts and resources to help authors make the process of marketing and promotion of their book less tedious a task.


Book Marketing From A-Z begins with Advertising and concludes with Zero Promotion. It is easy to see that contributing authors poured out their souls with suggestions, tips, and pitfall tales.


Over 300 authors have contributed to this compilation of ideas, sources, and tips. Inside readers will find links to many promotion and review sites, free-subscription newsletters, ezines and magazines accepting articles, contests, as well as free downloads.


The book: organized into 35 sections with topics from the influence of book covers to pitching the media to author websites, however, there is no index in the back of the book? There are a number of other errors I won’t mention, but this is not about that, it’s about substance. I did not find this to be a “page-turner” per se.


Not sure why, but I expected a little more from this 402-page book. Book Marketing From A-Z somewhat lacks in substance, although this could be a good starter, marketing book for writers.


Reviewed by Betsie

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