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Shadows at Garner Lake
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An Exciting Page-Turner Loaded With Suspense!

Title: Shadows at Garner Lake

Author: Hank Kellner

Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (November 2004)

Genre: Fiction/Suspense

ISBN: 0595336760

Paperback: 167Pages

Price:  $12.95

Also available in Hardcover and Digital reader 


Rating: Highly Recommended


May 31, 2005


Peter Engstrom and Hal Bonnacker have fished at Garner Lake for many years trying to catch the one that got away affectionately named Old Jonah.  It was a time for them to bond and reflect upon various memories until a young runaway named Cindy Garvey enters into their lives.  The events that transpire will change them forever.


Luke Downing, who can be described as a murderous sociopath and his imaginary friend that directs his actions from within his own psyche, conceive a seemingly brilliant plan.  He will blackmail Peter and Hal, threatening to expose their exploits with Cindy unless they pay him for his silence.  All is going as planned until Cindy undermines Luke’s plan by wading onto Garner Lake and drowning herself.


Peter and Hal return to their wives even more distant than before.  Not only do they have the weight of their infidelity to bear, but they also have Cindy’s death on their consciences.  Therefore, when they return to Garner Lake for a sense of closure, they bring along their wives as well.  They are not prepared for Luke downing, his imaginary friend and Bruce Orum but the evil trio are prepared for them.  Luke has decided that this will be the last time that Peter and Hal will go to Garner Lake and he has plans to kill them. When they arrive with their wives, the plans change as Luke plans on torturing and humiliating the two couples before killing them all.


Shadows at Garner Lake is a well-written book loaded with excitement, terror, suspense and clever dialogue combined with character development.  The story is constantly moving and each character’s role in the story is vital to its impact.  There are no loose ends and all questions are answered at the conclusion of the book. This is an excellent read and mentally stimulating.  When you close this book after reading the final page you feel as if you’ve traveled to Garner Lake and caught the one that got away.  Shadows at Garner Lake is a winner!


Reviewed by Tyrone V. Banks

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