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Maranther's Deception
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Phantasm or Reality?

Maranther’s Deception

Author: Nik C. Colyer

Publisher: Singing Reed Press (April 2005)

Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 0970816340

Paperback; 302pp



Rating: Recommended


June 27, 2005


Martin and Leigha Vandorfor have made an unusual pact: Leigha would spend 2 weeks in the scorching desert and in exchange Martin would accompany her for an entire thespian season.


Their great outdoor adventure immediately takes a turn when they drive off the road and by morning find a sandstorm has buried them!


At the deserts mercy, a tedious trek through parching sands leads them to a small cluster of decaying adobe structures that are tucked under a rock ledge. Hesitant the couple takes shelter within the first decomposing dwelling. A day later, inside the murky habitat, Martin is left bewildered by Leigha’s pivotal claim to a talisman that mystically appears next to a stack of wood.


What happens next: no one expects.


An ancient sorcerer named Maranther exposes herself to Martin disguised as the apparition of an elderly woman. Maranther declares he has hidden Leigha from Martin and only the challenge and willingness to explore their past will reunite them. Can Martin and Leigha mend the affliction that keeps them in Maranther’s game? For this, readers will have to dive into the pages of Nik C. Colyer’s world.


Colyer’s writing style is unique and dynamic. Maranther’s Deception is well paced and action filled, and certain to seize readers, denying reprieve until the last page is turned.


Reviewed by Betsie

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