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Don't Feed the Animals
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Excellent Learning Tool!


Title: Don't Feed the Animals

Author: Tima Vlasto

Publisher: Vlasto Publishing

Genre: Children’s

Reading level: 6-8

ISBN: 960881751X

Hardcover: 48 pages



Rating: Highly Recommended


May 1, 2005


A young girl’s imagination turns anxieties into strange creatures that “feed” on her fear.


This wonderful children’s book teaches children that they have the ability within them to change negative thoughts into positive ones.


As a tool—parents can teach tots "not" to feed the animals, thus giving them more confidence and control. That no matter what occurs within the surrounding’s – we have the ultimate power to change course as to how events will turn out.


Author Tima Vlasto has created an entertaining “how to” for kids of all ages!


Reviewed by Betsie

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