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The Effects of Light
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             A Personal Journey of Re-discovery.

Title: The Effects of Light
Author: Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

Publisher: Warner Books (February 2005)

Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 0446533297

Paperback: 368 pages


Rating: Recommended


January 17, 2005

The Effects of Light is a personal story that invites the reader to explore the main characters past life through various passages and descriptions of photographs. The main character, Myla Wolfe, has reinvented herself for personal reasons and has been renamed Kate Scott. She receives a letter from her hometown in Portland, Oregon. She returns and all of the past events that she has struggled to push to the back of her psyche’ reemerge.

Through additional dialogue provided by Myla’s deceased sister Prudence Wolfe, we are privy to important details about the past that Myla/Kate has tried to forget. These details provide a firm foundation upon which Myla will act and react to as she re-discovers distant memories and tragic events.

There are many similarities shared between Myla and the Author Miranda Beverly-Whittemore. She is from an artistic background and some of her writing has a poetic edge that can be seen within her colorful descriptions. The Author has also worked as a model and that gives her a unique insight into the main character’s descriptions of various photo shoot terminology. The aforementioned items add credibility to the story and provide a unique and believable viewpoint that we will share with Myla as she searches for the truth.

The Effects of Light is the debut work from an author with the ability to stimulate the senses through her artistic/poetic words and vivid imagery. It is both a mystery and a personal journey towards memories that have been pushed aside but in need of closure.

Reviewed by Tyrone Vincent Banks

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