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Cages Bend
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    A Remarkable Story Told From Different Points Of View.

Title: Cage’s Bend
Author: Carter Coleman

Publisher: Warner Books (January 2005)

Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 0446576611

Paperback: 400 pages


Rating: Highly Recommended


January 11, 2005

In 1987 the Rutledge family suffered the loss of their beloved son and brother, Nick. We start the book with a flashback of the family enjoying a track meet together. As the book continues, through the words of the father, Frank; mother, Margaret; slightly older brother, Cage and younger brother, Harper - we find out that Nick has been killed in a head on collision.

We begin a journey forward in time, catching glimpses of life before and well after Nick’s death. We read an excerpt from an omniscient point of view followed by first person accounts by the various family members. We learn that as the family is trying to move on with their lives Cage falls into a depression further agitated by drugs and alcohol. He ends up in prison and various institutions before he is released as a manic depressive individual suffering for paranoid delusions. He spirals towards certain self-destruction as his family struggles to hold on to him and bring him back.

We live out poignant memories that are sometimes funny and oftentimes tragic. We are adopted by this family and allowed to walk in their shoes for several miles as they struggle for a sense of closure. The book is definitely an emotional roller coaster at times but we are left with the sense that they will triumph over the despair as long as they remain together.

Carter Coleman has created a real family from snippets of everyone’s family. This journey is well documented and it is an insightful and entertaining read written in a unique style.

Reviewed by Tyrone Vincent Banks

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