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Now You See Her
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       An Intriguing Mystery with a Paranormal Twist.

Title: Now You See Her

Author: Cecelia Tishy

Publisher: Warner Books (February 2005)

Genre: Fiction/Mystery

ISBN: 044661355X

Paperback: 304 pages


Rating: Highly Recommended


January 11, 2005

Regina Cutter is not your ordinary Psychic. She has been gifted with the ability to glance into the past and read certain persons, places or things to gain insight into past events. Her gift comes to her in the form of strange physical injuries that seem to disappear when scrutinized. At times she even experiences recurring physical discomfort experienced by the victim of perpetrator of various crimes when at certain locations. For this reason she has been hired by the local police department to assist in the investigation of a murder case involving a powerful politician’s son.

At times her gift fails her but she pushes forward in this murder investigation looking for clues. She has also been asked to assist a realtor investigating paranormal activity that occurs in a historic home. She is given several pieces to a very large puzzle and she utilizes detective work combined with psychic messages to determine the truth and ultimately tie all of the strange occurrences together.

The Author, Cecelia Tishy, has invested a great deal of research into her subject matter and it shows as you read her work. You are introduced to a complex mélange of characters, places and events that represent the matters that Regina had to decipher and categorize to investigate this mystery. As each part falls into place you feel that you are gaining the same level of understanding that our protagonist has gained. We follow Regina to a surprise ending that I would have never fathomed.

“Now You See Her” is a mystery lover’s treasure that can be read again and again. Each read will reveal something that you may have missed the first time around and help you gain a deeper appreciation of this excellent novel.

Reviewed by Tyrone Vincent Banks

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