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The Samson Process
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 Dangerously intriguing!

Title: The Samson Process

Author: Lindsay Jacobs

Publisher: Publish America (December 2003)

Genre: Mystery

ISBN: 1592863981

Paperback; 357pp



Rating: Recommended


January 9,2005

Ralph William Courtney III is a former top Navy Gun Pilot who enters Chula Vista’s popular Sundance Restaurant during its busiest hour and opens fire upon its patrons using an AK47.

Inspector Frank Richards is summoned to investigate the bloody scene left behind and it doesn’t take him long to figure out there’s something unsettling about the tragedy, especially when CIA operatives interrupt, shoving Richards and his team aside, taking control.

A cover-up in progress, but why?

Not much later when Richards attempts to access records on the gunman, is he made aware that his every move is being monitored. However, Richards isn’t about to give up. Once home, via his personal computer, Richards stumbles upon psychological black-op programs currently in use. The implications of his findings could be detrimental.

Enter Laura Paxton, a reporter for the San Diego Times, whose own investigation on the Sundance Restaurant has been brought to a halt. All her information regarding Courtney, as well as Richards which up until now had been stored on the Times network, has been deleted.

In the meantime, Scott Russell’s skull continues to absorb the electronic tones that are determined to break him.

This invisible battle wagered on normal individuals in exchange for intellectual freedom is certainly something one might see at the movies, but also quite possible. Making this entertaining drama somewhat realistic. At times there’s a bit too much description slowing the pace, still this should not deter readers from sinking their teeth into a well-done conspiracy. You'll get to know the characters, relate, and feel their pains.

Authors Lindsay and Jacobs have done their homework and certainly a pair to keep an eye on.

Reviewed by Betsie

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