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Impossible Journey: A Tale of Times and Truth
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   How Do You Destroy Sin?

Title: Impossible Journey: A Tale of Times and Truth
Author: James M. Becher

Publisher: Publish America; (2004)

Genre: Christian Fiction

ISBN: 1413750540

Paperback: 117 pages


Rating: Recommended

November 24, 2004


On June 1, 2025, the World Scientific Society’s Annual meeting has commenced. On this day, the theory of time-travel will move from a theory to a reality. A team of scientists will embark on an impossible journey to rid the world of all sickness and distress – by eliminating sin. They will locate and travel to the Garden of Eden and prevent Eve from eating the forbidden fruit.


A team of three scientists from different cultures and religions embark on this journey across time. They pool their individual knowledge and expertise to adapt to the places and times that their strange vessel will land. As they move back towards the Garden of Eden, they encounter various individuals from the Gold Rush, American Revolution and Camelot. By unknown means the craft will even venture further into the future to witness a war that rages without reason. They witness firsthand the events that announce the end of the world still certain that they can change this fate through their travels.


The three time-travelers are of three separate faiths and regard Christ as a good teacher or a type of good fellow or simple prophet. They even witness firsthand the crucifixion of Chris but they are still not convinced of that event’s significance. It is not until they speak with one of Jesus Christ’s disciples, after the crucifixion that they return to their mission. They are told that the original sin is necessary and that without this event Christ would not have been sent to rescue mankind from its destructive path. The men have an epiphany of sorts and now they have to determine if their impossible mission can be accomplished.  Can they solve the problem in the past or in the future?


Reverend James Becher has written an interesting story to ponder. I understand his message and the fact that we can make some changes in the way that we live to improve our future. Through Christ and the belief that he died for our sins so that we may live, there will only be more to gain from our existence. I would have liked some of the historical context and dialogue to be more authentic, but that is what the Author within myself desires. The exclusion of those aspects from the story does not take away from the message. Including those items would serve to captivate the audience further and evoke a powerful response for those unprepared to accept Christianity.  Based on Reverend Becher’s history as a man of God, I understand why the message prevailed over the Sci-Fi aspects that I have mentioned. 


His message is clear and concise and I will repeat this using words from his novelette: “Either you will all become believers in Jesus like us before this is all over with, or you will be destroyed in some way by God or one of His messengers. Jesus Christ is the only answer for the problem of sin and evil in the World. There can be no other.”


Reviewed by Tyrone Vincent Banks