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Going Down Memory Lane
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  Battling demons of the past.

Title: Going Down Memory Lane

Author: Laura Pfalz

Publisher: PublishAmerica (April 2004)

Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 1413714013

Paperback: 192pp



Rating: Recommended


November 24, 2004

Ten years have passed since the adventurous summer of 1983 when Theresa Jefferson Manzoni receives a phone call from an old friend, David. Theresa and her friends Beth Williams, and Donna Morrison, openly share their experiences and traumas, trying to erase their childhood demons. The six friends agree to meet and in a series of flashbacks take a trip down memory lane.

The year 1983, Theresa is the middle child of eight and always felt singled out by her mother. A mother so cruel and one, which never hesitated to display her hatred for her own child. Beth's father is murdered when she is five, she and her mother have built a new life, still there is something missing. Donna was considered the fortunate one and lives a princess’s life, her issues hidden and locked away. The girls
meet three boys, a set of brothers who also have their own problems: Wil, David and Paul.

Enter chaos, better known, as the Jordan brother’s hell-bent on destruction and control. The first sets of brothers interact with the three girls, while the Jordan brothers decide to make Beth the object of their obsession. Patrick's brothers are somewhat terrified of Patrick and follow his every command. Patrick upon realizing that Beth wants nothing to do with him, beats her, kidnaps her and eventually attempts to kill her!


Despite awkward dialogue, and somewhat exaggerated characters Going Down Memory Lane is an entertaining novel. Certainly worth picking up for a night of light reading.


Reviewed by Betsie

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