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Dance Jam Productions
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One-Third Love Story, One-Third Mystery and One-Third Action-Adventure.

Title: Dance Jam Productions
Author: Celise Downs

Publisher: Gemini Mojo Press; (August 2004)

Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 0975290711

Paperback: 140 pages



Rating: Highly Recommended


November 23, 2004


I received an autographed copy of this book with a very professional media kit a few weeks ago.  I advised the author that I was impressed with the cover – which set the tone for the wonderful story that was enclosed – and she passed the compliment on to her illustrator.  The matching bookmark and other enclosures made me envious of Celise Downs and her book – which is one of many to come.


Dance Jam Productions is a local television show similar to American Bandstand or Soul Train.  They are hosting a dance contest that will assemble a team of dancers that will become regulars on the show.  Mataya "Mattie" Black Hawk is a talented dancer with a secret past. Forever reminded of a personal tragedy that has scarred her for life, she expresses herself through dancing and music to escape from the load that she must bear.  Her confidant, protector and friend; Tykota Black Hawk, has cared for her since she was young and provides a positive environment for her to flourish in.  She has decided to enter Dance Jam Productions’ contest and in doing so – she will change her life.


She meets Jarek Thanos in her dance studio one afternoon and they exchange words.  They both love to dance and are compatible in many ways – however – Mattie is cautious, she does not “let anyone in” too often.  The two are paired up at the dance contest and it is evident that they look well together.  While rehearsing for this contest – they kiss.  Mattie and Jarek feel a spiritual attraction to one another and after a twist of fate; Mattie is forced to tell Jarek “everything.”


That “everything” explains Mattie’s physical appearance, including her beautiful blue-eyes.  There is so much more to this young lady and so many memories that have shaped her being.  Tykota, who is also a father-figure as well as a big brother to Mattie, also encourages Mattie to let someone else in to aid in her healing process.  Mattie will let Jarek in and brief him on Tykota’s mission.  Teenagers in the area are being abducted and their organs are being sold on the black market.  There is only one factor that unites all of the victims, Dance Jam Productions.  Mattie and Jarek must team up to prevent another horrible kidnapping and organ theft.


This book is one-third love story, one-third mystery and one-third action-adventure.  The words entice you to read on and all elements of the plot are strategically placed in a fashion that will captivate your imagination.  The end of the story is much like a new beginning and we are certain to find Mattie, Jarek and Tykota enthralled in another adventure soon.  Celise Downs has created a new type of hero, based on reality and created from flesh and blood as opposed to ink and paper. 


This book is a must read for young adults and adults, there is something for everyone at Dance Jam Productions.


Reviewed by Tyrone Vincent Banks

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