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Lux: A Novel
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     Catastrophic Cape Cod romance

Title: Lux: A Novel
Author: Maria Flook

Publisher: Little, Brown (October 2004)

Genre: Fiction/Romance

ISBN: 0316000922

Hardcover: 272 pages



Rating: Recommended


November 17, 2004

This is a love story with a strange twist between two people living in Cape Cod. Lux is a landscaper with a somewhat mystical element since childhood has scarred his life and contributed to his alcoholism.


Alden Warren is a troubled female who works for the National Seashore Visitor Center and is haunted by the disappearance of her husband, Monty, as well as childhood neglect and abuse.


Since Monty’s disappearance two years ago, Alden is tormented with the need to be loved and has been trying desperately to adopt a baby. Lux is in love with Alden and both are currently involved in extra-marital affairs with other people.


Lux and Alden eventually become lovers after Lux helps Alden with a couple of vengeful schemes against those who have hurt her. Luxs’ obsessive love ties him into Monty’s disappearance and conflicts with his feelings for Alden. How is he going to reveal to her his involvement?


Alden’s vindictive actions and child napping eventually land her in a mental hospital and Lux in jail. After resolving the above dilemmas Lux and Alden are left with a platonic love that may or may not evolve.


Maria Flook’s love story takes two individuals on the edge, let’s them dive off the cliff, and the chips fall where they may. Highly entertaining!


Reviewed by Juanita Reynolds

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