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The Christmas Train
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  Second chances and dreams do come true!

Title: The Christmas Train
Author: David Baldacci

Publisher: Warner Books (November 2004)

Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 0446615757

Paperback: 304pp



Also available in Hardcover $19.95


Rating: Highly Recommended


November 13, 2004


Tom Langdon is a journalist and a man determined to change the world. Although Langdon also has a bad temper, which erupts during a security check at La Guardia Airport. Before the magistrate, Langdon receives stern warning, instructions to enroll in anger management classes, and two-year banishment from all air carriers within the U.S.


Langdon makes the best of his situation, using the opportunity to take the train to LA and write a story about it. However, his motivation is much bigger than meeting his West Coast girlfriend Lelia Gibson for a holiday ski trip in Tahoe.


Once on board readers will meet a fascinating cast. Such as Agnes Joe who loves trains. Drusella Pardoe a palm reader. Julie and Steve who have eloped and planned their wedding while riding train. Father Kelly a retired Priest. Mark Powers a famous film director and his entourage. And the one person Langdon would never have expected, Eleanor Carter, his one time girlfriend and the one he let get away.


Things heat up when Lelia decides to surprise Langdon – on the train no less! Bad weather also stirs things up along this adventure. Thus, making one wonder, will the passengers make it home for the holiday?


Having ridden on Amtrak a few times this book brought back fond memories of cross-country travel.


The Christmas Train is a wonderful novel that is filled with humor, mystery, romance, adventure, as well as memorable characters that are sure to entertain and not easily forgotten. David Baldacci has created an excellent heartwarming story, guaranteed to put spirit back into your holiday season!


Reviewed by Betsie

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