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Fall (Witch Season)
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   Are there really witches among us?

Title: Fall (Witch Season)

Author: Jeff Mariotte

Publisher: Simon Pulse; (October 2004)

Genre: YA Fiction

ISBN: 0689867247

Paperback: 320pp



Rating: Highly Recommended


November 10, 2004


Kerry, Josh, Brandy, Scott, and Rebecca have left the quaint resort on the coast of California. A life-altering summer in which they spent most of their time in pursuit of an evil witch named Season Howe. Ultimately ending in Daniel Blessing’s death, Kerry’s boyfriend.


Almost a hermit, Kerry barely leaves her Northwestern University dorm room. Instead she sits day after day pouring over Daniel's journals. Kerry’s hope is to unearth even the smallest detail that will aid in some chance of exposing the enigma of a ruthless killer.


Finding her efforts fruitless, Kerry decides to find Mother Blessing the only link left to Daniel Again she pours over the journals piecing a map together, a route that will lead her into the Great Dismal Swamp.


Meanwhile her friends have grown restless after receiving a cryptic email from Kerry- and discovering that Season Howe has been spotted in “Sin City.” Striking a nerve, the five friends embark on a pilgrimage to Las Vegas--the city of dreams, gathering, to duel the evil witch. Their cause has several reasons: Making her pay for what she did to Daniel and making sure she never makes it to the Witches’ Convocation.


Although after a grueling match of wits Kerry learns Mother Blessing is hiding something. Something she feels even Daniel was unaware of...


If you don’t believe in witches, this series will surely help change your mind!


Characters from previous books appear lending a feeling of continuity for long time readers and will keep you gripping your seat until the very last page is read. Fall (Witch Season) is entertaining and well done; unique in that it is both a book and a series. Mariotte's style is deceivingly fresh. Definitely a scary novel for teenagers, yet one that anyone would enjoy, and could make a nice gift for young and old fantasy fans alike.


Reviewed by Betsie

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