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London Bridges
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  Terrorists have seized the world’s largest cities!

Title: London Bridges

Author: James Patterson

Publisher: Little, Brown; (November 2004)

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

ISBN: 0316710598

Hardcover: 400 pages


Also available in Audio Cassette


Rating: Highly Recommended


October 24, 2004


Colonel Jeffrey Schaffer is not only a psychotic individual better known as the Weasel, but also a man wanted for more than a dozen murders in the U.S. and Europe. After a small town, Sunrise Valley, Nevada is blown off the map, literally!


Only one body is discovered in the rubble.


Summoned to head up the investigation, is FBI detective-psychologist, Alex Cross, who has been visiting little Alex at Christina's house in Seattle. Cross-is aghast when a rock climber’s digital camera reveals photos of the Weasel, near one of the bombing sites.


But Cross-senses the Weasel is not working alone, and feels the presence of the Wolf nearby. The Wolf is the most vicious HUNTER/KILLER Cross-has ever gone up against. Meanwhile, calls from an anonymous adversary do little to unravel reason of the heinous crime, as reports of similar bombings across the globe pour in.


Terrorists appear to have taken control, and threaten the world’s biggest cities in a frightening and unthinkable way, making this tale realistic enough. With millions of lives hanging in the balance, Cross must think on his feet.


Can the most powerful law enforcement agencies in the world stay one step ahead of these two evil geniuses’?


London Bridges is fast paced and will have thrill seekers of all levels, as well as varying adventure whims pumped up. Cliffhangers, shocks and twists throughout the book, will keep readers voraciously flipping the pages as the mystery begins!


  Reviewed by Betsie

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